What is Cova's customer referral program?

Cova's referral program allows anyone who already uses Cova to refer a friend and get a month free, and anyone referred through them also receives a month free.

This referral program is an easy way to share Cova with others while getting rewarded.
When you refer a friend to Cova, you get one month FREE Cova subscription when your referred friend becomes a paid Cova user.

How does it work?

Every Cova user has a unique referral link that can be shared with family and friends. Your referral link can be found on your Cova dashboard.

When someone signs up through your referral link, they get a 1-month FREE subscription, outside of the 14-day FREE trial available to everyone. You also receive one month FREE when the person you refer subscribes to Cova, i.e., pays the monthly subscription of $5.99 or annual subscription of $59.99.

What rewards can I earn?

A free month valued at $5.99 is yours when someone you refer to Cova becomes a paying user after their free trial. Additionally, the new Cova user who joins through a referral program receives a free month.

How will my friend benefit from this referral?

Signing up with your referral link entitles your friends to one month free, in addition to the standard 14 days free trial.

What conditions must be met before I earn the rewards?

Whenever a newly referred person purchases Cova monthly or annually, the person who referred them gets one month free. Hence, the referred person must become a paying Cova user and subscribe to the annual or monthly plan before getting your 1-month FREE reward.

Is there a limit to the number of people I can refer to Cova?

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to Cova.

How do I know that a user I referred to Cova has registered or made a qualifying action?

Once referred friends or family make their first monthly or yearly subscription to Cova, an email is sent to you. Also, you get to track this under the “Invite a friend” segment of your Cova dashboard.

How can I track my Cova referral status?

Your referral status is displayed under your Cova dashboard’s “Invite a Friend” section.

  • Sign in to your Cova account
  • Go to settings
  • Click on Invite a Friend
  • Your referral status, showing the people you have referred, is displayed.

Do I have to refer people to Cova?

It is not compulsory to refer people to Cova. However, we have seen that this happens naturally once a user starts using Cova. Everybody says Cova gives them a sense of security about their finances, and they would refer Cova to friends and family. This is why we created the referral program. Cova provides a lot of value to people worldwide, and we believe you should be rewarded for spreading the word and getting more people on board.

Your friends cannot apply your referral code after signing up.

The person you are referring to Cova has to use your invite link to sign up for the referral to be tracked back to you. So always ensure that your friend uses your unique link provided on your dashboard.