Managing business and personal accounts, investments, and assets across multiple countries and currencies can prove challenging, it results in fragmentation, and many assets go untracked leaving the true picture of the wealth of international businesses or individuals with international accounts uncaptured.

This is the story of Deepak and Maya as they navigate cross border and multi-currency asset management without a single dashboard to track everything they own.

The story of Deepak and Maya

Deepak is a 45-year-old consumer goods business owner from Beirut, raised in London, and has lived most of his adult life in Indianapolis, USA, where he runs his family's consumer electronics business. He is a global electronics brand distributor, indicating that he has businesses and warehouses spread across different countries.

Maya, a 30-year-old investment banker from Egypt, currently living in Canada, has been investing in real estate back home in Egypt for the past three years but finds it difficult to align and track the value of all her assets and investments back home in Egypt and in Canada.

Looking at how Deepak and Maya’s wealth, liabilities, and investments are distributed, how do they stay on top of their finances across international currencies without incurring significant financial advisor fees? This also applies to many immigrants with bank accounts at home and abroad.

Most people have resulted to tracking these investments in fragments, by countries, or venture, leaving major gaps in understanding their true financial health. Others pay financial professionals who do the same rigorous work of tracking of assets, investments, and liabilities domiciled in different currencies, leading to high financial management fees.

How can global citizens track multiple business and investment accounts effectively?

Meet Cova, the borderless asset tracker for individuals and businesses. A single dashboard for tracking all your international assets, liabilities, investments, bank accounts.

Cova is a borderless asset tracker for individuals and businesses. A single dashboard where you can track everything you own.

A single dashboard for all your accounts and assets

Connect and track all local and overseas business accounts irrespective of their currencies into one dashboard. Cova uses  industry-leading aggregation technology, to connect all your banks, investment, and liability accounts and reports them in one place, and provide real time update.

Track your asset distribution

Get a clear view of your finances without the heavy financial advisory fees. With only $7.99 per month, Cova users get a clear view of their asset distribution.

Securely store sensitive data and documents in Cova’s vault.

Beyond tracking assets and liabilities, important documents can be stored securely in Cova’s vault, helping global businesses secure their most important documents against loss.

Track Digital assets with Cova: in the age of digital assets distribution, Cova helps global citizens track digital assets in the same single dashboard, making sure that you do not need any other portfolio tracker, ever.

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